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Win a $720 Amazon Gift Card from Save72

How This Works

1. Add this giveaway to your account and receive 1 entry.
(You Need A Save72 Account)
2. Share with Family, Friends and Co-Workers to get more entries.
3. More people that enter using your code, the better your chances!
4. Check back the day after the giveaway ends to see if you won!

Giveaway Details

Add this giveaway to your Save72 account for a chance to win this $720 Amazon Gift Card!
• 1 $720 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs.
• 1 Daily Entry per Save72 account.
• Share with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers using your Save72 referral code above.
• You will receive 72 extra entries to this giveaway for every New Person that you refer to Save72 and they create an account.
• You will receive 5 extra entries for every person that you refer to the giveaway that adds this giveaway to their account.
• Follow Us On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for 1 extra entry each to all giveaways.
• The winner has 72hrs to claim their prize.
• 1 Winner will be posted 12noon EST the day after this giveaway expires.
• This Giveaway Expiries June 30th, 2019

$720 Amazon Gift Card
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$720 Amazon Gift Card

Can money buy happiness? Yes. Yes it can. Feed your shopping addiction with this Amazon Gift Card!! Good Luck!

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