Complimentary: 7 Days of Sunshine Tanning at Fabutan

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Enjoy Complimentary 7 Days of Sunshine Tanning with this near me mobile coupon at Fabutan - Queensway!

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Enjoy Complimentary 7 Days of Sunshine Tanning with this near me mobile coupon at Fabutan • Queensway!

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FABUTAN - Queensway
781 The Queensway
Unit C
Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z6A8
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FABUTAN - Queensway

The Science of Sunshine:

Natural sunlight exposes you to two types of UV light; about 95% UV-A and 5% UV-B. We believe it is this natural balance that maximizes the potential benefits of UV exposure, which are strongly associated with the UV • B in sunshine. Fabutan's goal is to provide you with a smart tanning experience by maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks of too much or too little UV exposure.

We do not offer high-pressure beds or high-pressure face tanners because exposure in these types of devices is usually limited to higher intensity UV-A and little or no UV-B. By alternating the natural balance and not including UV-B in the tanning process, your tanning experience may not be as effective in maintaining or increasing your body's vitamin D3 levels.

High-pressure beds and high-pressure face tanners will induce a cosmetic tan. However, to tan with UV-A alone you must greatly increase the amount of deeper penetrating UV-A rays delivered, as compared to a natural blend of UV-A and UV-B. Because the research available regarding significantly increasing the intensity of UV-A is limited, and because UV-A penetrates deeper into your skin than UV-B, Fabutan chooses not to expose our customers to high-pressure equipment.

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