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$720 Save72 Like & Share A Deal Giveaway

How This Works

1. Like & Share a SAVE72 FACEBOOK PAGE Daily Featured Deal with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers.
2. More SAVE72 FACEBOOK PAGE Daily Featured Deals you Like & Share the better your chances!
3. Add this giveaway to your Free Save72 Account and receive 1 extra entry.(Daily Entry)

Giveaway Details

Like & Share a SAVE72 FACEBOOK PAGE Daily Featured Deal with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers each day for a chance to win a share of $720 in Gift Cards of your choice!


Feb 12th 2018 $72 Winner: Patrick S*u

How to get to the SAVE72 FACEBOOK PAGE:

• Copy and paste this link
• Click the Facebook Icon at the top of this page.
• Click the blue "Save72 Facebook Page" link at the bottom of this page.

• 10 $72 Gift Cards Of Your Choice up for grabs.
• 1 entry per deal you like & share on the Save72 Facebook Page.
• Follow Us On Facebook for 1 extra entry.
• The winner has 72hrs to claim their prize.
• 1 Weekly Winner will be posted on this page at 12noon EST every Monday starting December 11, 2017, until this giveaway ends.
• This Giveaway Ends February 12, 2018

SPECIAL NOTE: If we happen to not have local deals in your city yet, please let us know of some great pleases you'd like to see deals at and we'll contact them... when we post a deal from them, we'll send you a $20 gift card to that place! Please provide a link and why you like it!

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With more than 150 (and growing) brand name online and local merchants providing deals of 15% • 100% savings, we believe that Save72 should be your go-to for coupon deals on a daily basis.