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Save72 Merchant Direct Purchase! Pay the merchant direct to get 43% • 77% off A Large Selection Of Women's Fashion, Bags, Accessories, Shoes, Jewelry & More at TwinkleDeals!

The average processing time is approximately 4 business days; however, please note that the processing time can also be affected by the stock status of individual items, the time of the year, national holidays, etc

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Twinkle Deals - Canada
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Twinkle Deals - Canada

TwinkleDeals is an online apparel store for today's discerning price-conscious fashionista. With an eye for the latest product lines and styles, we bring the latest innovative trends direct to the customer at unbeatable prices.

If your passion is chic cosmopolitan fashion, stunning shoes and must-have accessories, then TwinkleDeals will satisfy your craving. With thousands of deals on the most fashion-forward apparel available, shop the perfect item for every occasion. Why settle for following a trend when you can create it? Discover the endless possibilities that cutting edge fashion can create.

With a compelling shopping experience that represents a personal journey, and dazzling choice that inspires, TwinkleDeals offers the perfect blend of edgy fashion, affordable chic and style nirvana to fashion lovers seeking outstanding deals. Push the boundaries of possible and connect with a world of fashion.