Get up to $175 In Free Money at Tangerine

How Save72 Works

1. Add this SAVE72 Discount Code to your account.
(You Need an SAVE72 Account)
2. Open Discount Code from your account to get the Sign-up page.
3. Click on Sign-up link under the code.


Coupon Details

Current max bonus is up to $175! To receive this you need to:
• Open a Tangerine savings account and deposit $100 (receive $50 bonus).
• Or Open a Tangerine chequing account and deposit $100 (receive $50 bonus).
• Switch your pay deposit to Chequing account and receive one employer deposit (receive $100 bonus, get more details).
• Open an Automatic Savings Plan of at least $100 per month and receive $25.
• (Optional) withdraw your deposits and bonus at any time!
• Each bonus can be done separately or together, no requirement to do them all.
• Tangerine bonus code expires January 31 2017.
• Limit 5 per account.

Up to $175 in free money to be had!

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Tangerine - No Fee Banking


Get $50 When You Deposit $100 • New Tangerine Users Only

We're proud to be known as the bank that helps Canadians save their money, and all of the Accounts we offer to reflect this. Our simple products, along with award-winning Client service have helped close to 2 million Canadians grow their savings and live better lives. We believe that your money should be able to work as hard as you do, which is why we won't nickel and dime you with unfair fees, and we have no minimum balances. Banking with us is easy and convenient, with simple tools for your busy lifestyle.

Tangerine is a new breed of bank. It avoids the costs of running a network of branches, and passes savings to it's customers:

• No fees
• No minimum balances
• Unlimited transactions
• Higher interest paid than all other Canadian banks
• 24/7 online and phone support
• Free email money transfers between members
• Cheapest interac email money transfers ($1 only)
• Deposit cheques using your mobile app

PLUS, Sign up your spouse and get $100 more!

Yes, not just another $50, but $100!

Here's how: After you create a Tangerine account, will get what's called an (Orange Key) from Tangerine, have your spouse sign up and Tangerine will give your spouse $50 for opening the account (just like you when you opened yours) and you also get $50 for referring your spouse.