Frequently Asked Questions

What is Save72?
Save72 is a website that promotes merchants through an instant discount coupon platform towards getaways, online shopping, spa services, products, restaurants, things to do and so much more where you pay the merchant direct for the best discounts!

How does Save72 work?
It's simple as 1, 2, 3!
1. Create a Save72 account.
2. Add any coupon/on-line discount code to your account.
3. Redeem your Save72 coupon/on-line discount code at the merchant's business/website and pay them direct.

What is the difference between a coupon and on-line discount code?
Coupon: you can print it or show it from your smartphone at the merchant's location and pay the merchant direct.
On-line discount code: you copy the code from your Save72 account and use it towards your on-line purchase at the merchant's website.

Do I have to sign up to get a Save72 coupon?
Yes, you will need to create an account to take advantage of any Save72 coupon.

Do I need a credit card to use Save72?
No, Save72 is free to use. Simply add a coupon to your account and pay the merchant direct. Of course in the case of on-line merchant coupons, you will need to pay them by credit card when you redeem your discount code.

When do I get my Save72 coupon?
Save72 provides an instant coupon system, just add it to your account! You will be able to use your coupon within seconds!

What is the meaning behind Save72?
This is still open for discussion...

What are your terms, conditions, privacy policy, etc?
We could put this all here, but it would save time if you just took a look at our terms page.