70% off 15 Delicious Wines from Virgin Wines

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PAY THE MERCHANT DIRECT $69.99 for 15 Delicious Wines from Virgin Wines!

Regular Price: $235

Save72, a better way to save!


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Save72 Merchant Direct Purchase! Pay the merchant direct $69.99 for 15 Delicious Wines from Virgin Wines! Regular Price: $235

• $19.99 shipping & applicable tax extra; please allow 5-10 days for delivery.
• Choose from Fantastic Reds 15 Bottles, Thrilling Whites 15 Bottles or The Delicious Mix 15 Bottles.
• Delivery available to AZ, CA (offer may vary), CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ (offer may vary), NM, NV, NY, OH, OR (not eligible for free gift), PA, SC, SD, TN, TX (voucher not required), VA, VT, WA, WI, WV and WY. Void where prohibited by law.

Save72, a better way to save!

Virgin Wines - USA
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Virgin Wines - USA

Whether opening record stores, launching airlines or exploring space travel, Virgin has always gone the extra mile to surprise and delight. So why should it be any different with wine?

Enter The Club from Virgin Wines, with an outrageously good offer...

SAVE $165 on the 15 gorgeous reds above all JUST $4.67 a bottle. Prefer all whites or a mix of both? Go for it. You'll get the same great quality and the same great deal: 15 delicious wines worth over $235 for only $69.99.

How can we afford to be so generous? Because we think you'll love what you taste and come back for more. Of course, that's entirely up to you. Your tasting notes will tell you all you need to know about each selection and every bottle comes with our 100% money-back guarantee.