Get 90% More zChocolats with This VIP Membership

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PAY THE MERCHANT DIRECT: Get 90% More zChocolats with This VIP Membership!

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Save72 Merchant Direct Purchase! Pay the merchant direct to get 90% More zChocolats with This VIP Membership!

• By making a purchase with your Personal VIP membership, not only will your you/friend receive something exceptional for their special day, but your account will also be credited with 2 complimentary assortments that can be redeemed immediately.

Chocolate... mmm!

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zChocolats - Canada

Our Personal VIP Membership is a bold loyalty program for individuals who love to give fine gifts throughout the year while enjoying substantial savings.

As a Personal VIP Member, you will earn double chocolates on all orders. The reward chocolates are recorded in your account as complimentary assortments that you can then customize and ship to anyone in the world... including yourself.