About Us

Hello Super Savers & Amazing Merchants! Zed here, CEO & Founder of Save72. If you like supporting local merchants and saving money as much as I do, then I would like to invite you to check out Save72, the 1st Smart Save APP and mobile site!

Q: Where can you find the best deals?

A: Save72 has the best deals!

Save72 is the fastest growing app/mobile start-up in North America where you Pay The Merchant Direct cash, debt, phone or credit!

Local Deals: No more need to pre-pay for local deals and discount coupons. Save72 provides a North American online marketplace where consumers can save money on just about anything, anywhere, anytime in the city you live through the Save72 instant mobile discounts.

Online Deals: No more need to look for discount codes only to find out that the one you found doesn't even work. At Save72 all you have to do is simply click the GET DEAL button and Save72 will send you straight to the merchants exclusive deal page where you will then Pay The Merchant Direct!

Local Merchants: No more need to provide a discount or deal on sites where you have to wait for your money to come in, worry about duplicates and errors in payment. Save72 has created a simple to use marketing tool where you get paid by the consumer when they redeem your instant mobile coupon at your location and Pay The Merchant Direct!

Online Merchants: We’re enabling real-time sales across the web for online merchants by driving traffic through instant discount programs were again the consumers find a product they like, clicks on the Get Deal button and is directed to the merchants' website to Pay The Merchant Direct!

If you have any question, issues or would like to be part of Save72, please reach out to me here: https://www.save72.com/ contact.php I will reply within 24hrs.

All the best! Zed