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Add this giveaway to your Save72 account for a chance to win 10 Grams of Gold!
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Gold Money Canada
Gold Money Details

Gold Money Canada

Founded in 2001, Goldmoney's mission is to provide secure and accessible gold-based savings to everyone, while also making gold useful for everyday payments. Goldmoney® helps people around the world build and protect their savings, transfer value instantly, and empower their business with the tools they need to succeed.

Before Goldmoney, buying, selling, and transacting with physical gold was difficult, expensive, and filled with many uncertainties and inconveniences. There was no online financial network to sell or spend gold instantly. Before Goldmoney there was no way to receive or store your wages within a 100%-reserved gold-based financial service.

Goldmoney offers three accounts: Personal, Business, and Wealth. Each account has different features that help you achieve your goals, be it reliable savings, international payments, business transaction processing, or long-term wealth protection. Goldmoney provides convenient connectivity to your other financial accounts and everyday access to free gold-based savings and payment tools.

Goldmoney accounts provide unencumbered rights to gold you own. Unlike a traditional bank account, you are in complete control with direct ownership of your metal-based savings on Goldmoney's unique global network that connects bullion banks, vault custodians, auditors, and payment systems while offering exceptional customer service under one unified technology experience.

As a global business employing the latest technologies in online finance and security with over one million accounts from clients worldwide, Goldmoney is simply the best way to buy, save, spend and take possession of physical gold.