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Pay The Merchant Direct and get 30% • 70% Off Affordable Fast-Fashion at ARDENE!

• We know that you are excited to receive your order, and we are excited to get it to you! That's why we generally ship out all orders within 1-3 business days when inventory is on hand.
• $7.00 Standard (5-7 business days)Purchases $0-$39.99.
• Free Standard (5-7 business days)Purchases $40+.
• $15.00 Express (1-2 business days)Any Purchase Amount.

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Ardene is the affordable fast-fashion destination in North America and beyond for young, confident girls.

In 1982, we started as an accessory and jewelry retailer, and today, we're on a whole new level • selling clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, activewear, intimates, and more.

With 400+ stores and a growing e-commerce business, we're inspired by the ever-changing world of our customer, social media, pop culture, fashion, and beauty.

We believe that fashion shouldn't be exclusive or intimidating; it should be celebrated with youthful confidence and fearless enthusiasm, inspiring girls and empowering them to be unique and individual.